Draw Poker

there are no wild cards in draw poker. and the player is allowed to build a hand from 5 cards...

Draw poker is the most basic form of poker from which all the other Poker games have been derived from. The primary objective of Draw Poker is to allow the player to build a hand from five cards from a card-dealing that is a two part one. After the first round of betting and dealing players can discard some or even all of their cards and get replacements for the cards discarded. During the game all the cards are dealt and discarded kept face down. In order to begin a round of play, one of the players is assigned for dealing with cards. This deal generally rotates round the table clockwise and there are no wild cards and jokers in Draw Poker. All the suits in this game are ranked equally.

When the cards are assigned the dealer gets the 52-deck of cards and shuffles. Every player pays the “ante” that is a small flat fee that you pay to but the right to play that round. These antes and all the other subsequent bets in the course of going around, goes into the center of the game table in a pile called a “pot”.

When these antes are in, the dealer deals with one card at a time keeping it faced down to every player round the table starting from the left of the dealer. The second card is given to each player and so on till each player gets five cards.
After this the players pick up their cards and evaluate their hand. The player to the left of the dealer opens the betting round by folding or discarding his/her hand or by either placing a bet by checking or indicating a pass with no bet. All the players can check in their turn till one of the players begins to bet.

It is only after one of the player places the bet that the real betting begins. Each player in turn can “Call”, “Raise” or “Fold”. To Fold is to pass or drop out of the round and not play at all. To Call means to willingly match the bet with the same amount that must be placed on the pot. To Raise means to match the bet and add a bet extra to it.

When the first player places a bet, the next player to the left gets the chance to call, raise or fold and so on right up that includes the dealer. Once the dealer has placed his bet, the other players need to call any outstanding bets that arise due to raises or folds. No raises are allowed once the bets have passed around to the dealer in the game.

Once this is done players are able to discard all or any of their cards with the object to build a good hand. These cards are all discarded face down and collected by the dealer who subsequently gives every player the appropriate replacements with the cards facing down. After the above another round of bets take place just like the first and the dealer gets the final say. Everyone must call or fold and the players remaining do for the showdown where closed cards are opened and the maximum hand wins!