Double Down Stud Poker

Double Down Stud poker is similar to let it ride poker...

Double down stud poker is yet another variation of the stud poker casino game. It is very much alike the “Let it Ride Poker”.

How to Play Double Down Stud Poker:

1. Each hand is dealt from a classic single deck of cards.
2. Each player place is first bet.
3. The dealer gives each of the players one card face-up and deals additional four “community cards”, three of them face-up and one face-down.
4. Each of the players has the option to double their first bet or keep their first bet as is.
5. The dealer then flip over the face-down card.                                   

Losing and Winning Hands

A hand below a pair of 6 loses the game and winning hands are paid as follows:

Player Hand Pays

  1. Medium pair, 6 to 10 Push
  2. High pair, Jack / Ace pays 1 to 1
  3. Two pair pays 2 to 1
  4. Three of a kind pays 3 to 1
  5. Straight pays 5 to 1
  6. Flush pays 8 to 1
  7. Full house pays 11 to 1
  8. Four of a kind pays 50 to 1
  9. Straight flush pays 200 to 1
  10. Royal flush pays 2000 to 1