Craps Strategy

Do not try and “win back”. This concept of winning back your losses creates unstable decision-making leading to greater losses...

The game of craps can be perceived as complicated but when playing in an online casino can give a player greater advantage via the different options available. Before deciding to throw the dice, it is important to become familiar with not only the rules of the game but of the casino.  

Also, in any game, it is important to have a strategy in order to increase the odds of winning. 

Below, a simple strategic layout is formulated for the game of craps:

Managing Money:

This is the most important aspect in the game of craps. It is excruciatingly imperative to decide how much cash you are willing to lose before you hit the tables. In craps, luck is a major part of the game and out of any person’s control, but managing your cash is not. Craps requires quick thinking and many decisions to be made at a very fast pace, and if at any time during the game, you are unsure of what to do, the correct decision is to walk away. 

If at any point, you find yourself down in winnings, take your time. Do not try and “win back”. This concept of winning back your losses creates unstable decision-making leading to greater losses. The key is to be patient.

Staying Competitive:

In this aspect of the game, it crucial to remember that craps offers odds in favor of the player. Try to always pick numbers that are not of personal relevance but that produce the maximum odds thus the highest payouts. 

Set a limit for winnings. Once you reach your goal, walk away. It is at this juncture where players have won that they feel euphoric and invincible and try and win more, and ultimately their failure.

Not only can craps be highly thrilling but it can also be extremely stressful. When cash is on the line and decisions need to be made in a rather quick manner, a player is likely to stumble. The key here is to stay cool, calm, and collected. 

Having an even temperament in the game will go a long way. Stay aware of the bets that you are making, stay weary of the bets others are making, and realize that the game calls for fluctuation. Knowing your bets will give you a competitive advantage over the house.