Craps History

the world’s most popular online casino games and the world’s oldest form of gambling...

Craps is one of the world’s most popular online casino games and the world’s oldest form of gambling. In past game times, the game was simply known as “crabs” and dates back to six hundred B.C. and travels back to ancient Egypt. The exhilarating and competitive game is said to be a simplified version of the game hazard. 

This dice game allows players to wager bets on the outcome of a roll or a series of rolls and are allowed to wager bets against one another.

The game of craps allows the player to appreciate the cash wager in an actual sense. The initial stake in craps is known as the pass line bet. This wager of the games signifies the introduction of the chips. The first roll of the dice takes place during the pass line bet and is known as the come out roll. This roll can also be the initial roll of a session; the session can be determined based on the puck. The puck displays an on/off button which is revealed at the come out roll. At this juncture it will display, “off”.

Online craps is dependent upon two positions; the session being deemed as either “lost” or “winner”. If, while playing, the player is at a come out roll position, it can be determined that the actual session has not begun and that wagers can be made as pass line. Once the pass line bet is wagered, the come out roll is thrown. If the total of the thrown dice total to two, three, or twelve, the session is reset and announced as “lost”. If the dice thrown total seven or eleven, the sessions is resumed and the pass line bets are announced as “winner”.

The house odds decrease with increasing pass line bets. The player will receive the odds back at no further wager. If a six is then rolled, the number seven will be the number elected for that particular session and the puck will display “on”. In order to win the pass line bet, the number seven will need to be rolled once again.   The session will close at the roll of seven or as the player successfully retrieves a point. With this roll of seven, all pass line bets are announced as “winner”. Throughout this process, additional wagers can be made for new numbers. It is extremely imperative for the player to have common knowledge of the pass line with odds in order to make substantial success.

In online casinos, craps can be played individually at a table or even in a tournament. Before partaking in any form of gambling when it comes to craps, make sure to be familiar with the online casino regulations and guidelines for the game!