Craps Glossary

Craps Glossary Terms

Ace/Deuce - A one-roll bet on 2 and 3.

Aces - A bet that the next roll will be the total sum of 2.

Any craps - Any craps A bet that the next roll will be 2, 3, or 12.

Any seven - A bet that the next roll will be 7.

Arm - A player who throws the dice so skillfully that he is able to alter the conventional odds of the game. Such a player is said to be "an arm." Whether or not such individuals actually exist or are simply the stuff of (game) legend is debatable. However, it is worth noting that casino carp dealers are very adamant about the dice being thrown against the far wall of the table to ensure a completely random outcome.

Bank craps - The actual name of the game now known as Craps. In Bank Craps, players may bet only against the house. In Craps, a dice game popular in American private gambling, players play against other players.

Betting right - Betting that the throw will win on Pass Line and Come bets.

Betting wrong - Betting that the throw will not pass on Don't Pass Line and Don't Come bets.

Come Bet - Same as the Pass Line bet but made after the Come Out roll.

Come Out roll - The first roll of the dice in a betting round which determines the point for Pass and Don't Pass Line bets.

Don’t come bet - A bet against the dice (a 7 will appear before the point is rolled again) after the Come Out roll.

Don't pass bar - A thinner band of felt just above the Pass Line where you place your Don't Pass bets (the opposite of a Pass Line bet).

Don't pass bet - Don't pass bet A bet against the dice before a Come Out roll.

Double odds - Double odds Doubles the initial Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come and Don't Come bets.

Easy way - A dice roll of 4, 6, 8, 10, with each dice being different from the other.

Edge - The advantage a casino has over a player on any given bet.

Field bet - A bet on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

Hi-Lo - A bet that the next roll of the dice will be a 2 or 12.

Hope bet - One-roll bet on a particular dice combination.

Insurance bet - Insurance bet Two or more wagers made to partially cover one another.

Line bet - A bet on the Pass Line or Don't Pass Line.

Midnight - One-roll bet on 12.

Natural - Another term for a throw of 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll (Natural seven or Natural eleven).

One-roll bets - Bets that either win or lose depending on the next dice roll.

Outside numbers - The numbers 4 ,5, 9, d 1o.

Parley - To increase a bet, usually doubling it.

Pass Line bet - A bet that the dice will win or pass.

Payoff - The payback or return that a player receives on his /her wager.

Pips - The white dots on the craps dice.

Place bet - A bet that a place number will be thrown before a 7 comes out.

Stickman - The casino worker who announces the dice rolls, gives the dice back to the shooter, and places and pays the proposition bets.

Stroker - A player who hustles bets and gives the dealer a difficult time.

Table odds - The amount a player may bet on free odds bets compared to the Pass Line bet.

Whack - To cause a player to lose.