Chemin De Fer

In this game everyone can become a banker according to their chances...

This is a French word and it represents passing on. This is a unique game which is full of complete fun and it makes sure that you have a fun filled experience. In this wonderful game, there is no involvement of the casino and the players are only betting among themselves for getting a mysterious fun filled experience. This is a different game of baccarat and it is basically played only in France.

In this game the casino is giving the players the dealer who is termed as the croupier in French. The casino is also giving other facilities to the players like the chairs, shoes, tables, cards and other stuff which is needed to play the game. For this purpose, the casino is charging the commission from the players which come around 5% of total amount won by the players.

In this game, one player will be the banker who is having the power to take away all the amount won but also has the responsibility to pay the money which is lost. Everyone can become a banker according to their chances.

Chemin de fer is flexible and it is in hands of players and banker to call the third card or not. This fantastic game is played in complete French language and it is cool fun.