Casino War

Casino war card games can bring much fun and excitement to the table, the game is so easy to play that...

Casino war card game: Casino war can be considered as an excellent game that is based on the game of battle or war. This is known as a kid’s game because it required some simple skills. Two or more players can engage in the game and it is played using a 52 card, card pack. Casino war can also be considered as one of the most favorite casino games in the present world and players from every corner of the world engage in it. There are so many reasons for this popularity and the exciting profit that the players can earn is a major reason.

However, the game can bring you financial benefits, only if you follow certain guidelines. Therefore it is very important for a person to have a good knowledge in the rules, in order to be successful. If you interested on playing casino war card game, then you should first check about the number of card decks that are in the play. 52 cards are essential to give both the dealer and the player the same chance of winning the first card. However, you should be careful before dealing cards because the amount you deal depends on the profit you get. The minimum and the maximum amount should be shown in the table and it will make things much easy.

This game is very easy to play and player and the dealer are dealing with a card each. If the player’s card has a high value, then he will win the game. After the victory, he will get the amount of money equal to his bet. In case if the player’s card has a lower value, the player will lose his entire stake. The ranking system of the card system is arranged according to the poker, but aces have a high value. The card suit’s does not play an important role in this game.

The game becomes a tie, if the player and the dealer have same values. In that kind of a situation, the player has two options and either he can surrender & lose half of the stake or he can go to another bet of the same value as the first one. If the second card beats or ties with the dealer’s second card, then you win the money on your second bet.

People are offered some special bonuses in some casinos. These bonuses are offered for going to war and they even offer 10: 1 payouts in two successive ties. It is always better to go to war and hope for hefty payouts than getting half of the stake back by surrendering.

Casino war card games can bring so much fun and excitement to the players. They are becoming very popular because of the simple strategies. However, players should have a good knowledge about the necessary strategies to gain victory. These rules and techniques are easy to understand and any person can learn them within few minutes. Therefore it is totally worth to give the game a try.