Casino War Tips

Read up on our best tips for casino war - what you need to know and take to mind when playing this fun casino game.

There are many casino card games and the easiest among them is Casino War. The game is so simple that you might recall playing it as a child. The rules of the game are simple for a kid to understand and there are several individuals who do not even comprehend how the house can keep the edge in the game. These people assume it is even money bet. However this is not the case. You need to read the tips on the game and suggestions in this article to get the best awareness and information on how to play the Casino War.

Top Tips for Online Casino War Game:

• When the player gets a tie with the house he/she avails a house advantage in the game.

• The player needs to place another bet and in case he/she wins the war one bet is won. 

• This casino game is a fast game and the number of bets the player makes every hour multiplied with the house edge is the cost of play every hour.

• You should be careful when you play casino war as you need to ensure you are getting the best value for the money you invest.

• You should take regular breaks from the game unless you have the desire to waste money by throwing it away fast.

• Learn blackjack to get the best advantage as a player. This game is more intense and exciting than casino war if you are looking for a more challenging game.

• The casino war game has a lot of fun. This means you can enjoy yourself immensely. However you should also check the slot machines later for getting further excitement.

• If you tie with the dealer you should never surrender. This alters the house edge of the game as it tilts in the favor of the casino.

• Remember when you are playing casino war there are no professional players. This game gives you the chance to earn money in a short period of time however you cannot earn alot of money in the long run. 

• The best part of casino war is that it is a simple and entertaining game. The game is very easy and you can make this an integral part of your gambling collection.

Extra Gambling Tips To Keep In Mind:

• Decide the sum of money you are willing to stake.

• Stop playing the game when you reach the limit

• Ensure the casino is licensed, certified and reputed.

• Begin betting with moderate sums. In case you have a tie bet double. In case you cannot do so you land up losing the bet.

• In case there is a tie you should not surrender or you will lose half the bet. This means you have given the casino bonus money. The moment you surrender there is no chance to win.

• Aces are high so when you click on an ace you will win. You should not get crazy with payouts. Please note that a dealer can get an ace.