Casino War Strategy

Sadly, from the dawn of mankind, men have liked wars. Human history is but an ongoing tale of never ending wars. However, hope remains that one day all wars will be conducted in a sportive manner, for example, in Casino War. This extremely simple game is a player favorite all around in Online Casinos, it is very easy to learn but not as easy to master, also due to the fact that in its core it is a pure game of luck. Despite its decisive Luck factor, we have gathered some advice for you for faring better in Casino War, developing certain strategies.

Keep in mind the House Edge

It's easy to view Casino War as a 50-50% game. But this easiness does not turn this view into reality. In fact, it is quite far from reality. In Casino War, when a player surrenders he has much more to lose than if he decides to go to war. The more decks the casino uses, the more the house edge grows.

We shall never surrender!

Add "we shall fight them on the casino tables" to Winston Churchill's iconic speech, a shining beacon for all motivators in the whole world, and you'll fare much better in Casino War. Never say never, they say, but in Casino War it is always better to go to war than to raise the white flag and surrender. This is mainly due to the fact that the house gets a nice edge here, you lose half of your bet. Does the house really deserve this present? Get ancient with a "Total War" approach – it's all or nothing!

Conserve your payroll

And, with all said about the attitude of never surrendering, sometimes it's something you must do, so you don't remain empty handed at all. To avoid having to surrender and experiencing your own private Dunkirk or Waterloo, you need to deeply consider your payroll. This means setting limits and pulling out the moment you've reached them. It's really a case of easier said than done with this game because Casino War's quick playing style can really have you lose yourself. Don't.

Tie Bets

War is risky business in general, but Tie Bets are very risky subject on hand. It's better to go to war even with a weak hand than to make a Tie Bet. The 10:1 odd is tempting but this is actually a honey trap.