Casino War Rules

Casino War is one of the simplest card games available in online casinos. It is played with 6 decks of cards which are shuffled throughout the game. In terms of card rankings the game is identical to vanilla Poker. The goal in Casino War is to gain the upper hand. The game commences with players placing down a bet, then a face up card is dealt both for the players and the dealer; provided the player's card is higher than the dealer's card, the player wins the amount he put on the bet. In case of a higher card on the side of the dealer, the player loses his bet.

The juicy part, or rather the aspect of War, really begins when both the dealer and the player have an equal card. Then the player calls the shot. He can do one out of two things:

Surrender – Quite simply, the player takes out his white flag and surrenders. If he does that he forfeits half of his bet.

Go to War – The more interesting choice the player can make, from which Casino War received its name. A player who decides to go to war has to place a bet matching the initial bet he has placed; the dealer does the same. Then the dealer rids of three cards from the table (burn cards) and deals himself and the player another face up card. A higher card for the player crowns him as a winner, and he also earns the additional bet along with the amount of the wager. However if the dealer has a higher card, the player loses all bets. Not in vain is it called War, as you can lose everything.


Due its fairly simplistic nature Casino War can have you lose track of time and your payroll. Set yourself limits and if you are a beginner, don't fear surrendering, as it always preferable to keep half of the sum than to stay empty handed. Like in real life, going to war is taking a huge risk, and nothing in the world can tell you which card you will be dealt. It's a 50/50 and it's your choice if to put yourself in this risk or not.

Another ground thing to remember is that this game involves Aces, and as in many other games they are the strongest cards in the game. Notice cards and keep in mind that if you haven’t seen one in a long time it might mean that either the Aces are missing from the deck (which is a low possibility), but more realistically – it means that an Ace is coming, and a good time to make a risky bet would be then.