Casino Tournaments Glossary

Casino Tournaments Glossary Terms

Cash game - A regular poker game. Unlike a tournament, players can cash out winnings at any time.

Extender tournaments - Score-based online slot tournaments. Players can pay a fee to extend their participation (after their initial playing credit has run out) in order to accumulate higher scores during the extended play and win at the end.

Match play - Card game tournaments and other types of competition that count points. Each game won is worth a point or two and the one who reaches a certain number of points wins the tournament.

One-shot tournaments - High-speed slot tournaments with just one round of frenetic spinning. The player with the most credits at the end wins the entire prize pool.

Reloader tournaments - Lottery-style slot tournaments with limitless second chances to improve one's leaderboard position. No matter how much they bet, all players have the same chance to win at each spin (great for those on a budget).

Scheduled tournaments - Tournaments that begin at a fixed time, and that requires advance player registration, player "buy-in" to participate, and minimum/maximum player quotas. They are commonly offered in online slots and poker, as well as blackjack, casino hold 'em, roulette, and other table games in some casinos.

Tournament - Multi-player competition with a specific time duration and varying tournament rules. Players may not cash out winnings in the middle of the game. And chips are good only for the tournament and not any other casino game.