Caribbean Stud Poker

Once the player have betted or folded the dealer revels his hand and  must qualify by having a hand that is Ace-King...

Caribbean Stud Poker Game is a unique game that is played at online casinos. The game differs in a number of ways from traditional Poker. The main difference is the fact that you play against the dealer rather than other players at the table. The traditional process of raising and re-raising is also eliminated in this version of the game with payouts for winning hands being set.

How to play

To begin with, each player at the table must make an 'ante' bet equal to that of the table minimum. The player also has the choice to place an additional bonus side bet for the bonus jackpot. Each player at the table is then dealt 5 cards facing down. The dealer then deals himself 5 cards as well with the exception being that 4 of those cards are dealt facing down and one facing up for everyone to see.

The player now has a number of options based on their cards and the up-card in the dealers hand. Players must now either fold or raise. If the player chooses to fold then he will loose the ante placed. If the player decides to call, then a bet has to be placed which is exactly twice the size of the 'ante'. For instance, if the original 'ante' was $5 the call bet will need to be $10.

After players have betted or folded, the dealer now revels their hand. The dealer must qualify by having a hand that is Ace-King. Should the dealer not make this hand then players are paid even money for their 'ante' bet and the call bet will be a push, meaning players will receive this bet back.


The strategy for Caribbean Poker is simpler then that of regular poker due to the fact that you are only playing against the dealer and your options are limited to the cards you have verses the dealers hand and the decision to fold or call. As with traditional Poker, these decisions are based on the cards you have verses what you think the dealer has. Due to the fact that there is no bluffing involved in this game, if you do not have a basic Ace-King hand then there is no point in calling.