Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

By following a few basic strategic tips you can be all set to go,some hands need to be playes only if they match the dealr's face card...

‘Caribbean Stud Poker’, an extremely popular game that is quickly establishing a lot of recognition around the globe! Caribbean Stud Poker is a blast to play, easy to understand, and has very reasonable odds and agreeable payouts.

Tips for Playing Caribbean Poker

In theory it is quite similar to Blackjack, in that you will be attempting to beat the dealer’s hand. It’s that simple – the entire game will play out with one five card hand for each player and to win you need a higher ranking hand than the dealer.

Players may make three bets – as follows: Side Bet for $1 which is made before the cards are dealt; The Ante Bet which is mandatory and made before starting each game and must be less than the table minimum; The Bet which must be twice the value of the ante bet and made only if the player decides not to fold after knowing exactly what five cards they hold. Another favorable aspect is that the jackpots are progressive!

Follow Strategy to Win

By adhering to a few basic strategic tips and memorizing the rules you are ready to go. The Ace-King hand is key, also known as the Candidate Hand and should only be played if you hold a card that matches the dealer’s face card. If you can match face cards with the dealer you take a card from his hand. Never bet if you have a weak hand, which is essentially a ‘non-candidate’ hand.

Consider folding every time that you hold less than an Ace-King. Never fold on small pairs as playing them out could prove to be quite successful if you play them until the end.