Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

The Ideal Strategy for Carribian Stud Poker is complex there are however two genernal approaches to the game...

The ideal strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker is actually very complicated.To simplify the process there are two general approaches that will to most hands – always raise with a pair or higher and always fold if you hold anything less than the dealers qualifying hand which is Ace/King. Add a few additional tips you can improve your game substantially.

Expert Strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker

In addition to the two general approaches, experts advise to incorporate the following tips, as well. If the dealer’s face card is 2 through Queen and matches one of your cards – Raise.

If the dealer’s face card is an Ace or King and you hold a Queen or Jack – Raise. If you hold a Queen and the dealer’s rank does not match any of yours, and the face card is lower than your fourth highest card – Raise.

Side Bets on Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker

One of the three available bets in Caribbean Stud Poker is the optional Side Bet of $1. This bet pays on hands that are flush, or higher. Progressive jackpots are part of Caribbean Stud and will vary from casino to casino. One casino, for example, keeps 29 cents for every dollar bet, and the remaining 71 cents goes into the progressive jackpot. Most experts would say, however, that the Side Bet is a ‘sucker’ bet.

A royal flush would pull 100% of that jackpot, a straight flush would pull 10%.

The problem is that the dealer will pay right to left and the post may be split and the player furthest from the dealer’s right will only be paid out at 10% of what is left after the first player is paid at 10% of the pot.