Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Caribean Poker is different from other online pokers because instead playing against other players the player plays directly against the dealer...

Whilst you may not have the money to set off for that vacation to Barbados you can certainly enjoy a bit of Caribean Poker online.Caribean Poker differentiates itself from other online pokers because a player does not play against other players but plays directly against the dealer. If your not much of a bluffer or don't use any deceptive strategies, then this is the game for you!

The rules of playing online Caribean Poker:

1- Players can only have wagers on one hand, no multiples.

2- Players aren't allowed to make any signals to the dealer or anyone else.

3- Players need to put an ante when indicated but cannot place it after the dealer has said that no more bets will be taken.

4- Players can either view their cards and fold, or play for double the ante. If they fold later, they lose the ante.

5- The dealer will give five cards per player, the dealer will reveal one cards, let the player see it and then the player can view his cards.

6- After everyone has decided whether not they are going to play, the dealer reveals his cards and the best hand wins.

Pretty simple.