Canadian Stud Poker

In this stud poker version there are two more recognized hands except for the standard one...

Here you will find a quick guide for the Canadian stud poker card game.Canadian Stud Poker is a variant of the classic Five-card Stud Poker casino game, the game sometimes also referred to as Scandinavian Stud or “Sökö”.

How to Play Canadian Stud Poker

1. At the beginning of the game each player is dealt with two cards (the first card is faced-down and the second one is face-up)

2. After the cards are dealt there is a betting round.

3. Each player is dealt with three additional face-up cards, the cards are being dealt one at a time followed by another round of betting 

 In this stud poker variation there are two additional recognized hands(in addition to the standard ones) which are:

 Four-straights and Four-flushes which rank between a pair and two pairs.