Bonus Six Poker

The players of Bonus Six Poker has a card that serves as a bonus card and in each round...

Do you know or have you heard about Bonus Six Poker? It is basically a 5-card poker game that has a sixth card which serves as the bonus card. Like a 5-card stud poker, the players in the game will get cards at a time and should keep raising with every added card dealt to stay in, or else he or she should fold.

The added bonus of the game is that the player has the chance to choose to purchase Insurance at the start of the hand. When the player has this insurance, then initially, he or she is given the opportunity to buy the sixth card at the end in case he or she needs one following the last card.

Playing the Bonus Six Poker and the Rules of the Game

Bonus Six Poker is played with a deck of fifty-two cards and will be shuffled after each hand. But before dealing the cards, every player will start to place their bet or Ante bet. At this point, before the cards are dealt, the player may also choose to buy insurance which costs half of the ante bet. The insurance option payment is not a bet or part of the wager and can’t be reclaimed or won.

To start the game, every player will be dealt with two cards face down and a community card is dealt face up on the table. Every player should use the community card and consider it a part of their hand. After receiving the first two cards, the player will decide now to either stay in or raise the fold or bet. In case the player folds, his ante gets forfeited. If the player wishes to stay in and raise the bet, they must add to the bets an amount which is equivalent to the ante.

Next, those players who raised their wager will receive the further card. And again, the players who still wish to stay in should bet and add to their wager the amount equivalent to the ante or they must fold. In case the player fold, he or she loses the overall bet, the ante and the first rise required to get the fourth card.
Then the players who have raised their bet the second time will receive the fifth and final card except for those who took the insurance initially. Players who are insured will play the Bonus Six whenever necessary. The players who are still in play and have five card winning hand will be paid according to the payouts. If the players do not have a winning hand, they will lose the overall bet.

Those who took the insurance initially, if their 5 card did not win, they are given the option to get the bonus six card, from where the name Bonus Six Poker came from but at a price. They should purchase their bonus card and the price of the sixth card is equivalent to the ante. The money used to purchase is lost that is it is not a part of the wager and cannot be reclaimed and won, just like the insurance cost.

Players who purchased and get the bonus sixth card can select a five card hand out of the six cards dealt to make a winning hand. The players who won will get paid 1:1 for the ante and the payouts based on the ranking for the overall amount wagered.