Blackjack Tips

Considering that on most betting you'll lose 70% of the time flat betting is a big mistake. Try to vary your bets and choose when to split...

Like every card game, luck plays an important role in blackjack. However, with the right strategy and understanding of the mechanics of this classic game, you can undoubtedly improve your odds of winning. Here are a few tips to follow for those who want to gain an edge over the 'house'.

Knowing when to split your cards:

Opting to split your cards at the right opportunity is a great way of reaping a larger payout quickly. However, if not used wisely you stand lose double your original bet. Always split double 8's if you are dealt them even if the dealer has an Ace. 8+8=16 and this is probably the worst hand you can receive in blackjack. Once the 8's are split, even if you receive 18 and 18on both hands, your chances of winning are statistically much higher than if you stuck on your original 16.

If you are dealt a pair of 10's, try to beat the urge to split them. Receiving 20 on your first deal is a great hand, the second best hand in blackjack and difficult to beat. The dealer will need 21 to beat you. Splitting your 10's means giving up on a highly probable hand to win for the unknown.Not a wise choice considering that your aim is to beat the dealer. Why play with your odds!

Vary your bet:

Considering that on most betting you will lose 70% of the time flat betting is a big mistake. Try to vary your bets. Make larger wagers when you are on a winning streak and smaller ones when luck seems to be against you.

Knowing when to double up:

Always choose to double down when the dealer has a 9 against your 10 or 11.

Knowing when to stick:

Always stick on 17,even if the dealer has a high card. Remember, its better to stay in the game and have a chance of wining then going bust even before the dealer receives another cards.

Understanding the nature of the game:

Winning and losing cycles are an inevitable part of gambling. Once you acknowledge this, you will realize that if you are down, and beyond your original bankroll, it is not a wise idea to lose your focus and start betting BIG to recoup losses.Instead, get up from the table and acknowledge that it is not your day. The next time you are on a wining streak, do all of the things you wanted to do when you were losing.