Blackjack Switch

Based on conventional blackjack rules,blackjack switch has minor exception to the familiar game so that players make more blackjack hands that in regular blackjack...

Blackjack Switch Casino Game: The Blackjack Switch Casino Game is based on the conventional Blackjack rules with a few exceptions and twists. There are two hands instead of one in this game and they are dealt to the player.

The player is allowed to switch the second cards that are dealt between the two hands. This option permits the player to make more Blackjack hands than in the classical version that is available. However in this game the natural blackjacks are paid 1:1 instead of the usual 3:2. There is also another twist especially when the dealer has 22 and it is not counted as a bust but it pushes the hands of the players except for a natural blackjack. This game generally uses 6-8 decks.


Blackjack has a long history as it is a very old game. There are lots of arguments and debates about the history of blackjack. Some say that it has Spanish or even French descent. After the French revolution took place the game grew more and more popular in USA where it was introduced from Europe. There were no acts and laws that restricted the terms and rules of payment.

There were many casinos and professional gamblers who cheated many people who came to play just for fun and not to earn money. With the passage of time the popularity of the game grew and because of its simple rules it became one of the most popular card games across the globe.


- The number of decks used is 6-8. Two card decks are used in the game

- Doubling on any two cards is permitted

- Doubling after a spilt is permitted either 

There are some concrete peculiarities that actually make this Spilt unique-

- Two bets of the equal size are successfully made by the player and they are independent

- Players may switch between hands with second cards dealt to each of their hand

- If the blackjack is made because of a switch it goes on to become 21

- Usually sometimes but not very seldom the dealer hits at soft 17s.

- The dealer peeks for the blackjack if he gets an ace or a ten. Both players hands on the dealer’s blackjack wins include 21 and in the case of two blackjack players’ blackjack wins.

- Re-splitting up to four players can be made.

- The total score of the dealer’s number 22 pushes player’s 21 or less when a player has blackjack.

Online Blackjack Switch

The online version of the Blackjack Switch is available for playing exclusively at casinos online that use this software that is available from Playtech. This unfortunately means that it is very difficult to search for a game of Blackjack Switch at other casinos especially those that accept American players. This means if you would like to sharpen your skills you should feel free to try out the free version that is the same offered by Playtech before you try your hands on the actual game.

It should be noted that in Russia where Blackjack Switch is a popular card game there are a few differences that take place from the traditional game. Players are sometimes allowed the option of early surrender and the dealer stands in place of hitting on the soft 17s.