Blackjack Glossary

Here you can find all the blackjack glossary terms

Blackjack - A card game in which the winner has the cards with a face value of 21 or less, but not exceeding 21.

Bust - When a player is dealt cards that total more than 21, and automatically loses.

Card counter - A player who tries to decrease the house edge by keeping track of all high- and low-value cards as they are dealt.

Flat bet - To bet the same amount as the starting bet, again and again without varying it.

Hard total - A hand in which the two cards dealt are of a fixed value and does not have an Ace (for example, 7 and 9 cards have a total fixed value of 16). A player with a hard total hand can stick with what he has or draw another card.

Hole card - This refers to the dealer's card that players cannot see.

Paint - This refers to a face card or a card with a 10 value such as Jack, Queen, or King.

Soft total - A hand that has an Ace that can be counted as 1 or 11, with the total not exceeding 21.

Stand pat - When a player decides not to take any additional cards from the dealer (also referred to as 'stand').

Surrender - When a player forfeits half his bet by abandoning his hand.

Ten-value card - A card (for example, a Jack, Queen, or King) that is worth 10 points.

Twenty-one - Another term for card game Blackjack.

Upcard - The dealer's card that is face up and that everyone can see.