Blackjack Games Types

Some experts say that this version of Blackjack was invented by a casino owner for a good reason. In this specific blackjack version, the house makes more money from players...

There are many Types of Blackjack Games, Find The Ones That Suit You Best here. Blackjack is an easy game to learn. After a time of playing it, some players get a little bored with the game and so they choose to create their own Blackjack game types. 

This explains why there are so many types of Blackjack games.

The purpose of these types of Blackjack games is to make the game more interesting, eventful and unpredictable.

The following are the most important types of Blackjack games that you can find:

#1: Bonus Blackjack.

This Blackjack version encourages opportunism because it allows the player to bust the other players if the player is willing to take an additional risk.
You make an additional bet for a specific combination of 2 cards.
If the 2 cards appear in your hand, you win regardless of the hands of the other player.
The other player could have 21 points and still lose.

While playing this version, you have to keep in mind 2 streams of thought.
First, you have to think about hitting Blackjack. Second, you have to think about the likelihood of winning the additional bet.

#2: Double exposure Blackjack.

This version was invented by a casino owner. The player is able to see the dealer's cards.
This information advantage is reduced by the fact that the other rules of the game are eliminated.
Also, the player receives less money if he wins and he loses money if it's a tie.
Some experts say that this version of Blackjack was invented by a casino owner for a good reason.
In this version, the house makes more money from players.

#3: Super Fun 21 Blackjack.

Let's say that you have 21 points and a 7 in your hand.
If this happens you will hit a bonus. The bonus increases if you have a pair of 7.
And if you have Blackjack and 3 cards of 7 then the hand is called a Tripple 7s Blackjack.
For a Tripple 7s Blackjack, you will receive $100,000.

#4: Spanish Blackjack.

The card deck contains 48 cards. It doesn't include 10 cards that usually allow for combinations that can generate bonuses.
You can still earn a bonus if you have 3 cards of 7 when the dealer has the other 7.

#5: Blackjack switch.

You play with 2 hands and you can combine cards from 1 hand to the other and vice-versa.
The payout is lower than in normal Blackjack. This type of Blackjack is played with 4,6 or 8 Anglo-French-American card decks of 52 cards each.

#6: Elimination Blackjack.

Only the best player wins. You basically have to defeat all the other players, including the dealer, in order to get to the next level.
This type of Blackjack game borrows ideas from No Limit Texas Hold'Em.

At the table, you can find up to 7 players. After 30 rounds, players are eliminated. Players can do a lot of great things in this game.
They can buy insurance if the house has 1 Ace. A player can surrender his cards if he's willing to lose half of the money bet.

There are also limitations. For example, a player has only 20 seconds to think per move in a normal hand.
In an elimination hand, he can think 45 seconds during each move.

#7: Multiple Action Blackjack.

The player can bet on multiple hands at once. This makes the game faster because a player can play at least 2 times as many hands in the same amount of time.
Most of the rules coming from normal Blackjack are kept. The strategy of this game is the same as the strategy employed when playing normal Blackjack.
The only difference is that you have to think about multiple hands at once.

As you can notice, you have a lot of types of Blackjack games to fill up your time.
Try all of them and see which on you like the most.
Have fun at the tables.