While offline bingo enables you to play with others, online bingo lets you interact with people from around the world and provides...

Fun and easy game! And for online bingo players, bonuses and promotions too!

Bingo! That familiar winner’s shout can often be heard at birthday parties, charity fund raisers, and local halls and clubs. This game of luck and chance – which originated in Italy in the mid-1500s and then spread into Germany, France and the rest of Europe – is very popular for two main reasons: It’s easy to play and it does not require any special skills to win. The rules are simple: Complete the game pattern on your bingo card ahead of any other player and you win the round. Small wonder that the game has quickly gone digital, with online bingo arguably one of today’s top Internet games.

How to play and win at bingo

In the traditional version, players play with bingo cards – each has 25 squares with numbers arranged in five horizontal rows and five vertical columns. To win, you have to match the five numbers (called out by an announcer) horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

To win a “Blackout” game, you have to mark every number on the card. Once you win, you have to yell “Bingo!” and someone will come to you to verify that you have the winning card pattern.

Online bingo

Online bingo differs from the original offline game in some important ways. The online version uses RNG (Random Number Generator) in the place of balls. While offline bingo enables you to play with others, online bingo lets you interact with people from around the world and provides a “chat” option so players can communicate with each other.

Online bingo also offers a wider variety of games and greater potential winnings through various online bingo bonuses and promotions – and you enjoy all this from the comfort of home.

Online bingo comes in three variants: Cover All rewards the first player to cover all the spots on the bingo card. Combination Bingo combines many different bingo variations into one game. Speed Bingo uses just 30 balls, has only nine spaces, and is played on a 3×3 card.

Bingo tips and tactics

·Before playing, look for well-reviewed bingo halls or online bingo sites.

·If new to the game, gain some bingo game experiences before diving into high-stakes competition.

·Choose only those bingo cards that cost a little higher, but are of reputable make and will hold a higher winning percentage.

·Keep bingo cards to a minimum to easily identify the winning digits.

·When marking off numbers, double check them to make sure they correspond to the called-out numbers.

·Watch out for bonus balls that usually carry bonus points and can serve as extra prizes.

Armed with this information – and with Lady Luck smiling on you – you just may be the next winner to yell “Bingo!”