Bingo Strategy

When playing online bingo, make sure to select the "auto-daub" function – one of the benefits of playing online...

Beat the odds and win – consistently – with these bingo strategies!  

Since bingo (both traditional and online) is a game of luck, is there something you can do to influence the results or sway the odds in your favor?

Here are three important strategies you can adopt to boost your chances of winning:

Play multiple cards

Most bingo experts agree that playing with multiple cards in one game is better than playing with just one card in many games. While you may spend a lot for just one game, you significantly increase your chances of winning. Since each card has the same chance of having the winning numbers, the more cards you play, the more chances you have of having not one but several winning cards. Of course, you must balance your investment with potential returns. So consider these two factors: the amount of the prize money (don’t spend more than what you expect to win); and the number of players in the game (the fewer players, the better your odds of having the winning cards).

Select the right cards

Mathematician Joseph E. Granville presented three tests for randomness in numbers drawn in bingo: the same quantity of numbers ending in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s etc, a balance between odd and even numbers, and a balance between high and low numbers. Statistician L.H.C. Tippett added a fourth test: As a random sample grows, its result comes closer and closer to the “population value.” In bingo, as the first numbers are called and the game proceeds, the average of the succeeding numbers called will approach 38 – the average or population value of the numbers 1 to 75.

These theories help you predict the numbers that will likely be drawn – and select your cards accordingly. For example, if the winning cards in the first bingo game featured numbers ending in 1s and 2s (e.g., I-21), it is highly unlikely that the succeeding winning card will have numbers ending in 1s or 2s. If the second game’s winning cards had numbers ending in 4s and 7s, the third game’s winning card numbers won’t have these endings. The same trend goes for high and low numbers – if the first game called a lot of high numbers, the next game will do the opposite.

Bottom line: The numbers called over a series of games will tend to average 38 and you can make the appropriate card selections by simply watching the trends.

In online bingo, use the auto-daub function

Bingo requires no special skills, but it does require you to stay alert, mark your cards properly, and maintain concentration so you know if you’ve won. When playing online bingo, make sure to select the "auto-daub" function – one of the benefits of playing online bingo. With auto-daub, you can play any quantity of cards you want and still keep up with the game! Your cards are automatically daubed (or marked off) for you. So you can play side games, chat with your friends, or even leave the room to do your chores – without missing a beat. If your numbers are called, your cards will be marked, guaranteed.