Bingo Glossary

Bingo Glossary Terms

Bingo board - An electronic board or visual display that lights up each number as it is called.

Bingo card - The card used to play bingo. It has 25 spaces - one blank space and 24 with assigned random numbers.

Caller - A person assigned to announce the numbers that are drawn.

Chat room - A monitor or screen that enables players to send and receive messages.

Jackpot - A premium prize received by a player who has accomplished a blackout or other complex bingo pattern.

Money ball - This number, drawn before the game begins, rewards a player with a special prize when he or she hits it on the bingo card.

Pattern - A shape (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and others) that a player needs to attain with called-out numbers in order to win.

Quickie - When numbers are called out rapidly and all spaces in the card must be marked to win.

Serial number - The manufacturer-printed number that can be seen on each set of cards.

Wild number - A number, determined by the first ball drawn, that lets players start with multiple called numbers.