Bingo Cards

Usually, Bingo is played with 75 balls. More experienced players do fine with 9 by 3 Bingo cards as well...

Bingo Cards - The Most Important Feature Of Bingo. Bingo cards are the most important thing in Bingo. You get a couple of Bingo cards right from the beginning, usually 3. They are filled with numbers. Each couple of seconds the dealer extracts 1 or more balls randomly from an urn. You have to check if the number extracted is printed on one or more of your Bingo Cards. If there's a match between the extracted number and a number on your cards, you should mark the number.

At the beginning of each game, a random pattern will be generated. Consider a Bingo card with 25 squares colored in red. A gray pattern can be formed by changing the color of a couple of red squares.

One condition is that each gray square has at least 1 adjacent gray square.
So there are no isolated gray squares.

Here's what you need to know about Bingo cards:

#1: Most of them are 5 by 5.

Most Bingo cards display a big square divided into 25 equal and small squares. Inside each square you can see a number which usually varies between 1 and 75. These cards represent a clever way to display a high amount of information into a small space.

#2: You can also find 9 by 3 cards when playing Bingo with 90 balls.

Usually, Bingo is played with 75 balls. More experienced players do fine with 9 by 3 Bingo cards as well. It will take you a while to adjust your perception and scanning filters but after a while you will adapt to it.

#3: Bingo cards are often used as memory flash cards.

Smart people get creative. When a smart person saw how Bingo cards looked like, he immediately got the idea. He transferred the concept of Bingo cards that can be marked to Bingo cards that can be hidden. This is why nowadays we have plenty of memory flash cards. They are used in a high variety of situations.
You can use them to learn a foreign language or to remember your SAT words.

#4: Bingo cards can teach you how to remember what you see.

Repeatedly scanning Bingo cards for numbers helps you become better at spotting details and remembering images. It develops your short term memory which in turn improves your intelligence levels. Scientists say that there's a high correlation between people's IQ and their short term memory capacity. So used in a creative way,
Bingo cards can actually make you smarter.

#5: They can be colorful and fun.

You can buy Bingo colored cards. The colorful themes become handy when you organize parties and you want to invite people to them. It's quite hard to find games that suit any random party. Yet you can buy or design Bingo cards that follow the exact theme of the party. It will not feel odd to play a game of Bingo at a party. That's because both the theme of the Bingo and the theme of the party are the same.

#6: Different textures can help you see the printed numbers better.

The thing you do the most while playing Bingo is to scan for the numbers extracted. It takes a lot more time to find and mark the numbers if the contrast between them and the background is tiny. This is why the best Bingo cards display a high contrast between each number and the background of the card.

Bingo cards are quite useful in a variety of situations. You just need to think creatively about ways to use them. They are excellent both for playing Bingo and for other purposes. Create your own collection of Bingo cards.