Backgammon game is one of the popular oldest board games for two players...

The Offline and Online Backgammon Game - A Blend Of Strategy, Fun And Luck: The online backgammon game is the online version of a popular casino game. I personally enjoy this game tremendously and there are millions of other people who like to play as often as they can. I invite you to discover this game, learn it and play it.

Here’s what you need to know about the offline and online backgammon game:

#1: The game can be easily learned.

The game of backgammon is played on the reverse side of a table of chess. Many sellers sell both backgammon and chess together in the same box. To play the game, you have 2 dices and 60 checkers made out of wood. The checkers are small circular discs that can be moved on the table.

The game is played by two people. Each opponent rolls the two dices and then he or she moves based on the value of the dices. The purpose of the game is to get all your pieces out of the game. This is the basic idea behind the game of backgammon.

#2: The game is more than 5,000 years old.

An earlier version of the game was found at Shahr-e Sukhteh in Persia around 3,000 B.C. . 60 checkers and 2 dice were excavated. This means that an earlier version of the game was played at least 5000 years ago.

#3: It was played heavily in ancient Greece.

Ancients were in love with the games of chances. They believed that Gods chose how their dice will turn out. They didn’t understand probabilities. This is why they didn’t know how to calculate the odds of an event. They intuitively grasped how the game worked without understanding all its intricacies.

#4: It involves a high amount of luck.

Each possible move is determined by the turn of two dices. It’s a little bit like in life. In the short term, your actions may be influenced to a high degree by luck. But in the long term, your results aren’t determined too much by luck.

#5: The first world championship competition took place in 1967 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The first world championship competition in chess took place hundreds of years earlier. Nowadays, if you become world champion in backgammon you can win a prize of 1 million dollars. This is quite a lot of cash for playing a game that’s so easy to learn.

#6: The game has multiple variants.

The game evolved into multiple variants. Each variant has a twist. I encourage you first to get familiar with the official version. Later on, you can explore other variants as well.

#7: The online backgammon game comes with many additional features and benefits.

You will be able to play against other human players or against a computer. You will be able to play it for free or to earn money. Another great advantage of the online version of the game is that you can chat and communicate with other people who like to play the game. You will not just be playing an online game. You will be part of a community.

After a while, you will be allowed to participate in online backgammon competitions. You will play against people who train themselves on a regular basis. I have to tell you that there are plenty of people who make a living out of playing backgammon.

#8: Backgammon has a lot of similarities with poker.

Poker is now probably the most popular casino game. Backgammon is quite similar to poker. Both are game of chance where strategy can make a real difference.

Playing the online backgammon game is a great experience and a way to relax yourself after work. The real backgammon is played in competitions with prizes where you can win thousands of dollars. Go right now, find a online backgammon website and start playing the game. You will love it!