Backgammon Tips

One common mistake that amateurs do is to concentrate of hitting more than playing,this should be done at the right timing...

Backgammon is on of the oldest board games in history. There are people who have the common misconception that since it is an old game it is very simple to play. This is wrong. If you are a beginner and never played backgammon before, you have to invest time, dedication and practice to learn this game so that you can play it well. In fact, a thorough introduction of the game needs to be received before you are in a position to play the game and excel in it too.

With the aid of some simple backgammon tips and tricks you successfully can improve your playing skills without hassles at all. These tips can help you play for both live and online games. If you wish to be a skilful player in this board game it is very important for you to understand these basic strategies so that you can master the game and get a competitive edge over your opponents.

The first tip of the game relates to priming. A prime is a consecutive group of occupied points in the game. The basic idea about priming is to create a wall of points that stops your opponent from progressing in the game. If you establish a prime in front of your opponent’s checkers they need to roll high dice numbers to leap over the prime. A complete prime of 6 points in a row will successfully block the opponent from progressing.

Another important defensive tactic is anchoring. This tip involves making at least a single point in the home board of the opponent. If you are able to maintain a stronghold here you are entitled to many exclusive advantages in the game. If a player has a checker on the bar being armed with an anchor gives you a safe haven for a hit checker to re-enter. Owning one of these points is a good way to block your opponent form building points on his home board. This strategy has been reinforced and strengthened by holding two points as anchors.

Another strategy of the new backgammon game is hitting. This takes place when the checker lands on a blot of an opponent. A blot is one checker located on a point. A blot is always vulnerable to attacks since it is a single checker. If there is a point with two checkers that is considered to be occupied. When hitting takes place the checker of the opponent is sent to the bar. This means he/she is banished outside of the game and the opponent has to wait and pause his/her progression so that they can re-enter the checker that is hot back into the game to an open point. Till the checker gets back into the game, the opponent cannot play with the other checkers at all.

Another common mistake that amateurs do is to concentrate of hitting more than playing. In fact, hitting should be done at the right time and wisely too. If the opponent has multiple checkers on the bar it is prudent to make a steady progress rather than hit multiple checkers. Practice will make you perfect and you can play on the free backgammon websites to gain experience!