Backgammon Strategy

Backgammon was already popular in the ancient world. Therefore it is not rare to find it in abundance in Online Casinos. With a very easy learning curve, Backgammon has gained itself huge numbers of aficionados. This article aims to lay out some basic Strategies for you to better your Online Backgammon game and win more.

Openings, Openings

Sometimes one step is all that it takes. The opening of a Backgammon game can sometimes be critical. A game of Backgammon begins with both players rolling a die, with the player rolling the highest number being chosen to begin. Then the winner plays the amount of the two dice which were just rolled, conjoined. Openings can be everything: learn the different combinations so you will be aware the moment your Opponent, for example, had a bad opening and you have the opportunity to completely devour him, or, if you've had a good start with the odds working in your favor.

Stay Even

Evenness is the name of the game here; try not to keep all or most of your checkers in one place and in one place only; distribute them in an even manner, if you can, all over the board, this hinders your flexibility and gives your opponent extensive opportunities to strike you where it hurts the most.

Be quick about it

It's a war and your opponent is only doing one thing: trying to figure out the way to block your stuff. The clock is ticking so be quick about it, whatever it is that you do. We hope that you do the right thing.

Blockade your foe

Become the Hakeem Olajuwon of Backgammon and seek to always block your opponent. A perfect Blockade would be having checkers on all of your rows with no gaps, thus leaving the opponents checkers no possible method of escaping.

Become your opponent

This one sounds rather spiritualistic, but it is not as hard as it sounds, if you put your mind to it. Observe your opponent and see how he acts during the game, how does he move his checkers, what is his favorite type of movement, etc. Playing patterns are usually very fixated with players and are rarely changed. The sapient Backgammon player is the one who constantly changes styles, even if these do not always beat with his regular drum. Be unexpected, surprise your opponent and leave him baffled and shocked.