Backgammon Glossary

Backgammon Glossary Terms

Bar - A Portioning line between the two segments of a Backgammon Board. This is also the place harboring removed checkers.

Bear off - The act of finishing a game. A player who has all his checkers on his Home Board can bear off by removing all of his checkers from the board.

Blot - A point occupied by one single checker, therefore exposed for hitting.

Checker - The player's ammo, so to speak. These are moved from point to point and removed from the game when hit. Each player gets 15 of these.

Hitting - Occupying a Point by removing the other player's checker from the point.

Homeboard - The part of the board into which the player needs to move his checkers to commence bearing off.

Point - Markers on the Board on which players move their Markers, 24 in number. Points are almost always triangle ship and differ in color.