Baccarat Glossary

Baccarat Glossary Terms

Baccarat - A card game, as well the Italian term for the lowest hand in the game - zero.

Banco - Refers to the bank and to what the player announces ("Banco!") when he decides to bet all his money.

Burn - When the dealer, after shuffling but before dealing, throws out a few of the top cards.

Callman - A casino employee who, after the first two cards are dealt, announces which player requires another card.

Commission - The 5 percent payment that the casino takes from each winning bank bet.

Croupier - Another name for the casino dealer or the one who oversees the betting.

Down card - A card that faces down.

Face card - The Jack, Queen, or King belonging to any suit of cards, whether hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds.

La Grande - French word for "big" as well as for 9 - the best hand in baccarat.

La Petite - French word for a card total of 8.

Natural - Term used when the two cards first dealt total 8 or 9.

Punto - Another name for player.

Shoe - A wooden box or other device that holds and dispenses playing cards.

Standoff - Another term for a tie.

Tie bet - Placing a bet on the banker and player being even or tied.