Avoidable Errors In Blackjack

Your decisions have to go through the filter of logic and math. Otherwise, don't make a decision because it will likely be flawed...

Blackjack is first and foremost a game of cards. It's also a game of chance and intelligence. There are certain errors that you could make while playing Blackjack. Not all of them are obvious so it's wise to learn about them avoid them as much as you can.

Some people say that mindset is all that matters while playing Blackjack. I also think that playing a lot of hands helps too. But without a good mindset and
the required information, you are very likely to make basic cognitive errors.

Here are the most important Blackjack errors and solutions:

#1: You have to maintain a high level of discipline.

Many people discard the importance of having discipline while playing a game of cards. This is not the case at all.

You have to follow the same basic simple rules over thousands of hands. Very often people feel excited and start risking their gains. Most of them lose their gains really fast and have to start the process all over again.

#2: You shouldn't be short of cash in the beginning.

You should have plenty of cash right in the beginning. Otherwise, you might have to leave the game quickly if you happen to get a few bad hands right after you start the game.

#3: Don't risk too often and don't be too conservative.

Many people fear too much losing their hand and this is why they don't ask for another card when the risk is quite low. Your fear will distort your perception and make you believe that the situation is worse than it really is.

#4: Some people believe that they are destined to win or lose a certain hand.

Don't let your feelings influence too much your Blackjack decisions. A flawed thinking will certainly improve your chances of falling prey to the most common Blackjack errors. Ask for more cards only when rationally you have a better chance of winning compared to your current situation.

#5: Don't make emotional decisions.

Your decisions have to go through the filter of logic and math. Otherwise, don't make a decision because it will likely be flawed. And don't let your decision making process be too much influenced by how confident you are regarding your future success. Your confidence level is not proportional with the odds. Your mind is just messing with you.

#6: Don't expect a winning string of wins to continue.

Let's say that you won 4 times in a row. This doesn't mean that you will continue to win in the 5th round as well.

#7: Don't drink alcohol before or during the game.

Alcohol is a substance that affects your brain. While being drunk, you are less in control of yourself.

As a result, your decision making process will be influenced more by your emotions. Your cash will deplete really fast before you come to your senses. I encourage you to not just take my word for granted. Organize an experiment and see it for yourself. Play Blackjack while you are drunk and the next day play Blackjack while you are sober.

You will see the difference because it will be obvious.

Notice that I didn't say that you should play Blackjack sober first. That's because you need to be sober in order to analyze the results.

You have to compare them and draw your own conclusions based on evidence.

#8: All news are good news.

When people win more than they lose, they feel great and pay less attention. When they lose, they become overcareful and start to avoid losing any more money.

It's better if you can detach yourself emotionally from your last hands. Play only one hand at the time as though the hand you play is the only Blackjack hand playing in the world at this very moment. You need to give to it all your attention.

Remember to apply the above ideas in your game. It will make it more fun and predictable and you will win a lot more money as well.