7 Card Stud Poker Glossary

7 Card Stud Poker Glossary Terms

Ante - Initial bet placed by all participating players in order for the game to commence.

Bluff - Continuing to play when you have a weak hand.

Bring-in - Initial bet after the Ante is placed, placed by the player who was dealt the lowest ranking face up card.

Call - Staying in the hand by placing a wager adjutant to the other players' wagers.

Pot - The sum of the amount the winner will gain.

Rags - A weak hand.

Scoop - The act of winning the whole pot.

Showdown - A final round if the game is not concluded in Seventh Street. Remaining players show their hands, highest hand wins the pot; in a case of a tie the pot is divided.

Street - The name for a round. The street's number matches the card played in the hand. Players are initially dealt three cards; hence the first round is called Third Street, and so on. There are five rounds.