7 Card Poker Rules

7 Card Stud Poker can be played by a maximum of 8 players. It consists six rounds – first the ante and then 5 betting rounds, also dubbed "Streets". All players are dealt two face-down cards. This article aims to elaborate on the rules of the game.

Pushing up the Ante

In the beginning of a 7 Card Stud Poker game, all players place an ante in the pot; a predetermined amount of money before any of the cards are dealt.

Third Street

The Third Street is actually the game's first round. All players are dealt three cards (hence "Third" Street, "Fourth" and so on). Two cards are dealt face down and one face up. The player who receives the lowest "up" card is the one who makes the first bet on the next round (The "Bring In" bet). Here players have three choices: Fold – discharge the hand and wait for the next game, Call – put an amount to match the Bring In bet, and Raise – equaling the small best in size.

Fourth Street

Players are another face card up, but in this round the player who continues the action is the one who was dealt the highest "up" card, contrary to Third Street where the player with the lowest card commenced the bets. Players can fold, make a single bet or if they posses a pair, make a double bet. Players wishing to raise after a double bet was made need to place an equal amount to that of the bet at stake.

Fifth Street, Sixth Street

In Fifth Street another face up card is dealt; again the player with the highest card continues the action by a bet or a check. Sixth Street has another face up card dealt to all of the players, with the same rules as in Fifth Street and the prior Streets.

Seventh Street (The River)

This is the final round of betting. The last card, dubbed "The River", is dealt to all players. This card is dealt face down. Final bets are all placed. Highest up card player is the first to act. Players can check, raise or fold here as well.


The showdown takes place with two or more players still in the game after The River ends. Players have at their disposal now 7 cards, they reveal 5 of them – the 5 that they choose to reveal. The first player to reveal his cards is the one who commenced the action on The River, meaning the one who had the highest up card. The winner is the one who has the best hand; in case of a tie between two players or more, the pot is split between all of them.