The Paroli System

The Paroli Gambeling System is based on the idea of adding the winnings rather than subtracting...

How To Play The Paroli System? The Paroli System is a positive progression system of betting that does not need big bankrolls. It is considered to be more stable than the other betting systems especially when playing blackjack.

The bet is started with one unit and if you win the first bet the second bet is the first bet along with your winnings. If the player wins the second bet then the third bet is the second bet plus his/her winnings from that bet. In case, at any point of time, you lose, you begin the next bet at one unit.

Example: if the player begins playing with $100 and wins $100, the second bet is $200. If he/she wins the second bet, then the third bet will be $400 ($200 +$200) so on and so forth. All the winnings are included in the next bet and this includes the extra winnings from splitting, doubling down or blackjack.

There is an important part of this game and that is to have a stop point that you should determine before you begin gambling. This stopping point may be a unit or a dollar amount. After a bet is lost or the player reaches its stopping point, he/she needs to bet one unit on the following bet.

The Paroli Gambling System is a posiive progression system that is based on a similar idea to compounded interest. It adds to the winnings rather than taking it away from them. It does not seek to chase losses and tends to increase the bets after winning.

Three Bets-Doubled

The most widely sought after form of the Paroli System used in Roulette is to bet three times and to double the stake after every win. If the player loses any bets or wins three bets, the whole sequence starts again.

Winning Streaks In The Paroli System

The Paroli System fares well when conditions favor consecutive player winning results. It is said that any gambling system fares well in a winning steak however three consecutive wins hardly make a streak.

Like the 1-3-2-6 and 1-3-2-4 the Paroli System is not considered to be the best system when the results are alternating giving a loss in a situation that has an “overall win”. However in the “bad loss” test it results in just a mild loss that is much less than, for instance, The Martingale System.

Where Should You Use The Paroli System?

This betting system is ideal and attractive for low-risk gamblers who are looking for small wins without having to stake big amounts.

Tips For Successful Gambling

The keys for successful gambling depends on 3 important things:

• Right Strategy
• Right Game
• Right Casino

The best part of the Paroli System is that it gives players small consistent wins without the woes of risking great losses. Banking on Paroli System at Roulette and Baccarat provides you with a big chance of winning. This is the secret strategy for success when you bet with the Paroli System.