The Oscar's Grind System

The Oscar Grind System allowes you to play with just one unit,once you won and new betting unit is initiated otherwise keep betting on the same unit until...

The Oscar Grind System is named after a gambler of the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Oscar Grind had produced many elaborate records of uniform advantages at the Game of Craps. This System is often called the 1-2-3-4 betting strategy that is the same to any other system of changing your wagers that is based on an outcome of a game.

This system is just like any other betting system however it will not transform you into an overnight gambling hero. The system does look good on the surface however it does not bring you huge wins or losses either. If you are looking for bigger wins you should look for other systems of betting that could promise you more generous wins than this system.

How To Play Oscar Grind?

The Oscar Grind System permits the player to bet with just one unit and in case the player wins the sequence ends and a new unit is initiated. In case the player loses his bet the next bet will be of an equal size like the one that the player has lost. If the bet of the player wins the next bet will be bigger than the first unit unless it causes the player to bet with over one unit of the winnings for that particular sequence. It is wise to use the correct number of bets in order to net one unit if you win.

In the Oscar Grind system of betting you can start with a loss. This will cause a second stake to remain at a single unit. You are even when your bet wins. Since you are looking for a single unit win for system progression this does not intensify your bet with 2 units. The subsequent bets from 3 to 5 are losses so that you remain with a unit stake that is a single one. The Oscar Grind System is a more cautious and less changeable system whose sequence comprises of 5 wins and similarly 5 losses.

Three Rules Of Oscar Grind Betting System

You need to begin with one unit bet and follow these three rules-

• Enhance your bet with 1 unit after every win
• Bet on the same number of units after a loss
• You should never bet more than enough to complete a series with a 1 unit win. Once this 1 unit is won the series begins all over again.

Cons Of The Oscar Grind Betting System

For a player this system is not bad as he/she has no chances of running into big wins or huge losses.
There are however some disadvantages to this betting system and those are a player can be locked into a long series. This system needs the loser to win many hands before he can recover all the preceding losses incurred. He/she should not stop playing till he/she recovers the complete amount.

The player also requires keeping track of his/her net balance while playing a long series of hands. This demands a lot of concentration and this betting system often tends to distract the player from a basic strategy leading to inevitable losses in the process.