The Martingale System

The Martingale system needs a big bankroll and is a risky one however it provides a positive return rate…

The Martingale System is a very old and simple betting system played in most online casinos. This system is based of the probability of losing out to infinite times in a row and it is generally applied to bets that are called “even money bets”.

The player under this system begins with one bet and in case you win you begin with one bet again. In case, the player loses the bet needs to be doubled.Every time the player loses, he/she needs to double the last bet lost. This system eventually makes the player bound to win and when he/she wins all the lost bets are recovered with the addition of one unit or chip as profit against the initial wager.

The Martingale system is a betting system that needs a big bankroll having a very low return. This makes it a very risky one mainly because of the maximum number of bets that are imposed by casinos. If the player runs out of money or reaches house limit, he/she loses immensely with no chance to recover losses.

How Does The Martingale Work?

The Martingale betting system is easy when you compare it to all the other progressive gambling systems used by casino players. In this system, the player bets on any one of the even money outside roulette bets that are red, black, odd, even, even high, low etc. In case, the player loses the initial bet he/she simply doubles the bet in the subsequent spin. The Martingale system is known as a progressive system because players enhance their bets after every loss. The winning bet generally pays off enough for making a small profit on the session that is played. After the player wins any big bet, he/she drops the bet back to its minimum at the table and begins the process again.


Since the martingale betting system provides a positive rate of return theoretically it is preferred by many players because of its simplicity. This system does display promise even if the profits are just typically one minimum bet. The system helps players who are on a very long losing streak for replenish bankrolls with just a single win.


Most casinos rely on the common gambling strategy for roulette where limitations are imposed for the prevention of players from taking total advantage of the above progressive gambling system. Most roulette tables have laid down the maximum betting amounts that prevent players from using the Martingale betting system after long streaks of losing. Since players in this betting system do not generally have unlimited cash in their hands, their bankroll becomes crippled after long streaks of losing. Insufficient bankrolls often make the players run out of chips before they see the chances of making any roulette big win.

Reverse Martingale

There is another application of the Martingale betting system that can be found in other games like baccarat and blackjack. The players here deploy a strategy that is a reverse martingale one where they are allowed to bet the minimum during their losing streaks and increase their bets after every win. There are many outcomes of the above however this reverse Martingale variant helps the player to minimize losses and increase his winnings.