The Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci System provides a small yet steady stream of profits without the risk of incurring huge ...

The Fibonacci system is a gambling system based on naturally occurring mathematic sequence. For so many years, this sequence has been utilized as the basis for winning gambling strategy and is considered still a favorite of most Roulette players even today.

In the game, the sequence itself is increasing which means the next number is equal to the sum of two previous ones. Hence the first 12 numbers in the progression are: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. Keep in mind that the numbers are representing the betting units.

With the Fibonacci system, you advance though the progression on the losing wagers and return towards the beginning of the winning bets. Every time you lose, you proceed to the number next in the series. Every time you win, you will step back two numbers..

Though a progressing gambling system, Fibonacci is not the same as the Martingale system as it does not look to cancel out the total loss with a huge win, only the last two losing wagers.

For instance you lose your first four bets. To this point you have lost 7 units. Moving onwards in the series, the next wager is 5. In case it wins, it will get back the last two losing bets such as 3 and 2 and the loss is 2 units now. Then you step back two numbers in the series and bet 2 units. If it wins, it will win back the 1 and 1 and you are all square now and start from 1 again.

If it is your first time to play the Fibonacci system, it would be very helpful to take note the series as you go. It can be a little complicated to recall where you are up to especially when the game is at intense heat. As you become more experienced in the game and the system, you can do the calculations in your head and you will no longer have to take note the series.

The Fibonacci is giving small but steady profits without the risks of incurring huge losses. With this system, you won’t be losing a lot of money but there is a chance for you to gain steady earnings. Using a guide to successful gambling will help you minimize the losses by deciding ahead of time how far down the sequence should you go for. By following this simple advice, the Fibonacci system can be considered a less extreme system. For this reason, the Fibonacci system is recommended for the medium-risk gamblers or those who are looking for consistent and steady profits but who do not mind occasional moderate losses.

Although it is ranked as a medium risk system gamblers can use, still the Fibonacci system returns an overall loss on the gambling system test. In the tests, only three systems have returned overall profit. Fibonacci is an entertaining system but before your get yourself too committed, it may be a good idea to first check out of the three winning systems.