The 10-4 Craps System

No betting system can change the house edge rather taking afvantage of the short turn variation...

Most players are using some type of betting systems when playing craps. One of the things you should understand is that no betting system can really change the house edge on any wager. The house edge can be determined by the amount of money paid by the casino when you win relating to the true odds for the bet.

What players are hoping to accomplish by using betting system would be to take advantage of the short turn variation in probability. For example in craps, the ratio of seven to be rolled is 6 to 1. Over the long run this means more than billions of dice rolls, it would level out to seven rolled one time for each six rolls. But this thing is not true in the short turn. The player can roll three sevens in one row or roll fifty numbers without having to roll a seven. This variation of dice probabilities is short term and this is one of the reasons why some betting systems tend to be lucrative in playing sessions. One of the best systems you can use is 10/4 Press.

When betting the passline, you would want to place a stake on the opposite number of the point. When looking at a pair of dice, you will be able to see that the numbers on the bottom and top are opposite for every number combination. The number 6 is opposite of 8. Say for example, if the 6 is produced by the two dice that has 5-1 on one side, its opposite side would be 6-2. A five combination is the reverse of the nine and a four combination would be the opposite of 10.

Bet placed on the ten or four pays $9 for a bet of $5. If the ten or the four is the point, you place $5 wager on the reverse number. You then press wager bet up to ‘buy’ bet. To give you a clearer picture:

Place the 4 or 10 for $5. In case the shooter sevens out, then you are $5 out. During the first hit, you are going to be paid with $9. Inform the dealer that you Press your wager. The place bet goes to $10 and you can get $4. In case the shooter sevens out, you are going to be deducted of $1.

On the next hit, you will be paid with $18. Inform the dealer you want to BUY the number and the dealer will raise your bet to $25, giving you back $3. In case the shooter sevens out, you will be added with $2.
When you say you buy a number, you will pay 5 percent fee to be paid real odds on the bet. When buying the ten or four, you are going to be paid with two to one rather than 9-5 for your wager. There are some casinos that would require you to give commission for the buy bet upfront. However, in other casinos, you pay only the commission when your bet has own.