The 1-3-2-6 System

The 1-2-3-6 is simple and especially recommended for low risk gamblers...

In the 1326 system, the series of bets is simply 1, 3, 2, 6. If you have won all four bets, you will go back to the start. In case you lose any bet, you will go back to the start as well. As long as you continue winning, you advance through the sequence.

This is another positive progressing gambling system as it reduces the bet on a loss so like Paroli, it does not chase losses instead they keep the low in any situations. This gambling system can work best in games where four successive wins frequently happen but the only risk is in losing the first bet and second bet. If you have won the first two bets, then you can’t lose.

If your first wager loses, your loss is one unit. If the second bet loses, your loss is two units. If the third bet loses, you will still be making a profit of two units. If the fourth bet loses, you break even. Finally, if the fourth bet wins, your total earning is 12 units.

1326 system is one of the most recommended gambling systems that you can use. This does not consider the commission for the banker bet. Websites that recommend this system say that a losing fourth wager will leave you even when it fact it does not. A losing fourth wager could result in a loss of 0.3 units.

If you are looking for a good system you can use in Baccarat, the 1324 system is the most recommended, a Baccarat with commission reduced to 2.75 percent rather than the usual 5 percent which make the banker wager a true even chance.

In the right conditions of the game, you risk a little to win more. Even in the bad situation, for example six second bet losses, you will only lose 12 units that could win back if you complete the series only once. The test results made have show that this system does not result in huge losses and can work perfectly for short winning streaks. Just like Paroli, this gambling system 
does not recover too well with the alternating outcomes but compared to the Paroli, the losses are not that bad.

One of the disadvantages of this gambling system lies in the last wager; it is quite easier to build profit of six units with small risk so why risk all of it on one bet. This resulted to developing the 1324 system which is a more modern version of 1326.

The 1326 system is simple to operate and is recommended for low risk gamblers. It is among the most preferred gambling systems for the Small or Big bets in Sic Bo. The key to winning in gambling depends on three things, the right strategy, the right game and the right casino. When you have chosen the right strategy, game and casino, you will be able to make a lot of profits and minimize your losses. You won’t risk losing all your hard earned money in the game this way.