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new legislation approved all forms of online gambling whether it be done on the internet, mobile phone, telephone...

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The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has been operating for 6 years now at it has created innovations in the gambling industry. The EU or European Union brought about the changes in the gambling regulations of the United Kingdom. Politics also took part in the decision-making process.

Considering gambling laws practiced in the United States, a response in the political field took place. Because of this, the EU is in favor having the same gambling set-up. When the new bill came into the scene, gambling rules and regulations are perceived to be old and obsolete as compared to the modernization of the gambling industry.

When remote gambling was given attention by the new legislation, the gambling industry created some noise. Knowing that the internet is a free entity which can be accessed by the public, the EU saw many great advantages in the field of online gambling.

The new legislation approved all forms of online gambling whether it be done on the internet, mobile phone, telephone scheme, TV and Radio interface and all other types of gaming device. Gambling which is considered remote when it has no ‘fixed’ location. At any rate, the legislation still approved the same setting.

In the United Kingdom, there are two forms of licenses being processes. These are: remote gambling and non-remote gambling. In the case of horseracing and any other sport betting game, a non-remote license should be applied. On the other hand, remote license is applied by online casino operators. As a main ruling in the gambling industry, no single license can support the two gambling types.

Currently, the EU and UK worked hand in hand in promoting stricter regulations in the implementation of gambling. This is due to the fact there are too many crimes and money laundering activities happening in remote gambling. These problems were addressed through the implementation laws directed to offenders. As a result, violators shall be punished by law and will undergo imprisonment.

Gambling operators who are licensed to run their business as approved by the UK Gambling Commission must strictly adhere to License Conditions and code of Practice as implemented by the governing body. In order to ensure that the operators are practicing legitimately, the UK and EU regulators promote regular inspection. They also see to it that all transactions are well documented so that records can be retrieved in the case problems occur in the future.

All gambling operators are required to acquire for a company license. Actually, each member of the company, such as prominent members and senior managing officials must be given a license. There are specific types of license for each member being issued.

The Gambling Commission’s regulation for licensing aims to tackle three main objectives:

1. fair gaming practice
2. child protection from exploitation and other vulnerable acts
3. eliminate crimes in the gambling industry

Based on the three main objectives, the assurance that gambling operators are free any form of crime or misconduct is carried through thorough investigation and criminal background checking. The governing body must also make sure that these operators their gambling activities do not cover the youth crowd.

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