Seychelles Online Casino License

ESEConsult proceeds with the registration of the entities operated by applicants...

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Seychelles is one of the better places to set up an online gambling business. In Seychelles, a license issued under the Interactive Gambling Act pays no corporate tax. That's a big plus right there.

Here at ESEConsult, we have developed a streamlined process that moves from application through fulfilling all legal requirements to establish a legal presence here in Seychelles. This includes, but isn't limited to setting up local management, a secretarial staff and a dedicated office as well as fax and telephone and bookkeeping services. We also provide technical support for the main server and continued compliance monitoring of your license to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Establishing a presence and licensing in Seychelles has a number of advantages. Online gambling is exempt from gambling tax. There are corporate tax exemptions and the advantage of holding of a gambling license in a business friendly country. While we assist in the establishment of a legal incorporated entity in Seychelles, the local regulations encourage online play because they protect the players while preventing money laundering at the same time.

The approval process begins with submitting a project summary sheet to ESEConsult for review. We maintain our high reputation by ensuring that any perspective client has the means, experience and is fit and proper to engage in a gaming business under the laws of Seychelles.

Once the project sheet has been approved and the application fee has been received. ESEConsult proceeds with the registration of the entities operated by the applicant. The applicant then prepares a detailed business plan (we provide an outline of what is required) along with other paperwork that needs to be completed. We then review, prepare and submit the proper paperwork to the government Ministry for approval. The Ministry will examine the incorporation documents, the type of games that will be offered along with the conditions, terms and procedures of the games. How the applicant intends to run the business process involved with managing the online gaming and the system architecture will also be examined.

Once the license has been issued by the licensing authority, ESEConsult will then work with the applicant to finalize the procedures and agreements related to providing local management services and virtual office services as well as bookkeeping an set up of IT infrastructure.

Please note: At present, ESEConsult is only accepting applications from clients experienced in online gaming or who presently operate online gaming activities.