Netherlands Antilles Online Casino License

You need some standing as a host in order to be a considerable candidate for the online gaming license...

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Curacao offered an official license for online gambling to its operators in the year 2002. Prior to this there operated a business of decentralized online gambling in Curacao. Now, all the operators ought to operate with an official license. For acquiring the license, one has to go through the procedure of application.

Cyberluck Casinos and Netherlands Antilles are companies in Curacao which provide licenses to aspiring gamblers. It is interesting to note that Cyberluck Casinos has an extraordinary record of being a license holder for the longest of time. In spite of the many changes made in the regulations, this company’s license remains valid till date. It acquired a license in the year 1999.

There are innumerable websites operating from the jurisdiction of Curacao. It is majorly, because of Cyberluck’s policies and a very low charge for the license. In spite of its easy policies, Cyberluck insist on a just and equal play.

There is no system to resolve issues between casinos and players and that is one of the major loopholes at Curacao. However, it does have rules and regulations correctly in place to prevent bogus casinos from getting a license.

If you spot a CIGA symbol on any of the gambling website than you must assume that it is from the Curacao Internet Gaming Association. As per the rules of this association, all website owners ought to address the issues of customers and establish guidelines which indulge in a just game. There ought to be a forum where members indulging in gambling can interact with each other. The guidelines are supposed to be such that they entice the consumer to confide in the gaming industry of Curacao.

Apart from that, one must adhere to all CIGA rules and regulations and not flout the norms of the license. An entire account of each gambler and his transaction must be maintained by the company. Most importantly, no company should operate without a CIGA approved license.

Residents of Netherland Antilles are not allowed to register on gambling sites. All other patrons must be 18 +. Lastly, each and every website should have enough funds to pay the winners.

Licenses in Curacao are granted to virtual casinos, poker rooms & sports books as online gaming licenses. You need to approach the Department of Justice in order to acquire one of these licenses. The Jurisdiction of Netherlands Antilles, Curacao and Cyberluck are responsible for online gaming licenses in the area.

One needs to deposit 60,000 ANG at first in order to acquire a license. After that, the authorities i.e. the Department of Justice (DOJ) will investigate the whole thing and then grant a license. The license shall be applicable for up to 2 years. However, one needs to have some standing as a host in order to be a considerable candidate for the online gaming license.

Thus, Curacao has all its licensing rules and regulations in place and only provides licenses to real and rightful candidates. Only, one needs to follow the rules correctly all the time.

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