Jersey Online Casino License

The Jersey Gambling Commission was created in 2010 and is responsible for overseeing all gambling activities on the island of Jersey.

The Jersey Gambling Commission was set up in 2010 for the purpose of regulating and licensing all gambling on the Island of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands and located just off the coast of Normandy in the Bay of St. Malo. The Jersey Gambling Commission regulates all gambling activity in Jersey, including websites, lotteries, betting shops and raffles, and makes sure that consumers are protected and that the gambling sites are run fairly.

In 2013, a new gambling law was passed that addressed the issues of modern gambling, unlike the old law that had been in place since the 1960s and didn’t really have ramifications on the modern world of gambling. The new law goes easy on smaller and charitable organizations that want to conduct fundraising activities, and focuses its policies on commercial gambling.

The Commission is run independently of the States and is funded by licensing fees, not tax dollars. There is a three-member Commission overseeing the full Commission, but laws are still made by the Economic Development Minister.

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