France Online Casino License

There are also additional rules that are regulating the industry that have been set down by the 19 Government Degrees...

In France gambling activities have been very stringently regulated and also monopolized by the state. In the past there were only two things that were permitted in the state and they were horse racing and lotteries. In 2010 the French Parliament passed a law that made some types of online gambling legal.

Authority Responsible For Online Gambling

For the regulation of online gaming it is very important France created an administrative authority called the ARJEL or the Autorit? de r?gulation des jeux en ligne. There are some prime areas of responsibility that ARJEL has described in the Laws numbered 2010-476 dated 12th May 2010 under the French Gambling Act when it comes to the opening and regulation of the gambling sector online. Besides the above there are also additional rules that are regulating the industry that have been set down by the 19 Government Degrees.

In general ARJEL in France deals with the setting of the legal, technical etc conditions for accessing the market in France. The issue or the revoking of licenses for gambling is controlled by ARJEL. . The homologation of technical platforms along with the detection of illegal websites along with their prosecution is also looked after by this body. The authority also detects illegal websites and their prosecution and monitors which games should be played or not.

There is also the considerable liberalization of the gambling market online and the number of games that are played are limited. In France the licenses for the following types of games can be obtained-

• Poker games online like Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker 4
• Sports betting online like live betting, fixed odds betting and pool betting.
• Horse betting and pool betting online
• There are no provision for betting exchange and spread betting as they are not allowed.



There are three types of gambling licenses and they are as follows-

• Online poker license that is granted for five years
• Online sports betting license that is granted for five years
• Online horse racing betting license that is granted for five years.

Those websites that are licensed under ARJEL have the label of the body. Besides the above there is a list of extra operators that can be found on the website of this authority.

Requirements Of The Licensee

Like other jurisdictions the licensee also requires to fulfill certain requirements for eligibility.

Some of the prime requirements include-
• Proof of identity, solvency and criminal records that should be clean
• Having head office in one of the EEA or EU nations
• Bank account in one of the EEA or EU nations
• Website with .frTLD
• Separate accounts for operations in the French territory
• Permanent tax correspondent in the nation.

The applicants can be denied license if they tend to fall below specific standards that are associated with the gambling business online or if they fail to adhere to the laid out policies for the prevention of gambling addiction protecting minors or fighting against terrorist financing and laundering of money.