Costa Rica Online Casino License

There's no need for a data processing license for legal operation of an online gaming business in Costa Rica...

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Costa Rica is one of the most popular gaming jurisdictions across the globe. There are above 300 gambling websites registered in the nation. They are among the world leaders and considered to be the hub of internet gambling. Though the nation has a number of registered gaming websites it does not have any kind of specific legislation dealing with online gambling. The Government of Costa Rica takes the stance that nations overseas that are registered for a license are able to bet and participate in gambling legally however with the citizens of Costa Rica it is not legal to gamble.

Since there is no legislation and control for gambling online in Costa Rica companies based and registered here are not subject to regulations or supervisions. This is different from companies that are off-shore. This implies that the companies are self regulated and they do not need to pay gaming or betting tax at all as there is no body existing in the nation to govern them.

The government in Costa Rica also strictly prohibits any game of luck or chance. There are however land based casinos in the nation and they need to be approved by the Tourist Board of Costa Rica. They should be located in a hotel that is rated three stars and higher. Most of the games you find are either skilled based ones that are not clearly defined by the law of the land. Technically there is no such thing like a license in Costa Rica for any offshore companies who wish to establish gaming operations in the nation. The license in this regard is called and referred to as data processing.

For the creation of a corporation in Costa Rica there is no permission for licensing. It must deal in the network or internet administration. All the internet addresses in the nation should be blocked in the server as it is the strict policy of the land that none of its citizens should partake in online gambling. One also should make an offshore merchant account for dealing with the transactions.

There is no need for a data processing license for the legal operation of an online gaming business in Costa Rica. The licenses that have been obtained by companies here are done to appear reputable to their clients. There is an official license and the adhering to regulations that is the standard operating procedure for venues in online gaming in this field that is a highly competitive one.

With the aid of a data processing license corporations can reach out to intended objectives without hassles. It is due to the above that most companies get a license. These licenses are required for operations that are land based, for instance, if the corporation has an office in the nation.

For getting the license the power of attorney is required for authorizing the staff of Costa Rica to do the processing that is required. The cost of a permanent license is $5000 USD in legal fees and $500 for legal and administrative costs.

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