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Comoros does not require multiple licenses for many services...

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Comoros is a sovereign country composed of several islands off the eastern coast of Africa. It has been a licensing authority for online casinos since 1999 when the legislature of one of it's islands, Anjouan, enacted a bill entitled the Computer Gambling Licensing Act. Click here for a list of casinos that hold a license from the Comoroan government.

While casinos licensed through Comoros are safe to play, none are in the top fifty. And there has been no unscrupulous activity reported against any of these casinos and no fraud has been noted. So, you should have a good playing experience at any of them. Fraudulent or dishonest casinos appear in our Rogue Casino List. Those casinos that do not appear on the Rogue Casino List should be fine, but we are always open to reports on the casinos that we list and will update as often as possible.

Comoros is not particular and will grant gambling licenses to almost any offshore company. These licenses do not set any limit on the kind of gambling involved, however Comoros appears to prefer to license online casinos. And a single license covers most types of gambling. Comoros does not require multiple licenses for multiple services. This is a big advantage as there is no limit to the type of gambling services that companies can offer.

As the Comoroan government does not inspect the casinos that it licenses, you should look for proof of fairness and a reliable financial track record of stability before playing at a Comoros registered casino. License requirements are not very strict. A company must be registered in Comoros and provide certain basic information to be considered for a license. And while the company does not need a physical presence in the country, it does need to do business through an Anjouan bank.

Once a company is approved, it must pay a fee of twenty-thousand dollars before the license is granted. This places it's casino operations directly under Comoros jurisdiction for as long as the company continues to pay the annual $1,400 maintenance fee.
There is also no dispute resolution through any government agency and Comoros does not provide arbitration service or assistance. If you have a problem with a Comoros registered casino, you should directly communicate with that casino or seek outside mediation. Since the government of Comoros won't get involved, there's a good chance that any dispute will end up in favor of the casino.

While Comoros does not provide a list licensees, the list on this page is as complete as we can make it. Be careful if you encounter a casino that claims to be registered in Comoros but does not show up in our list.