Belgium Online Casino License

Every applicant has to give the personal details needed along with their legal, financial and future gambling website along with its structure...

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Belgium has a long history of gambling however the current scenario is different from the past in one important aspect- gambling of all types are now stringently controlled for the protection of citizens and the gaming market.

The Belgium Gaming Act was enforced in the country on the 1st of January 2011. The provisions or the Royal Decrees of Execution of the said Act came into operation on September 2011. These provisions control the form, terms of the application and the examination of the licenses granted for online gambling. Besides the above these provisions also regulate the other qualitative needs the applicant needs to meet.

Authority For License

In 1999 The Gaming Commission was incorporated in Belgium. This is the major body accountable for granting licenses for online gaming. Besides the above this organization is also liable for the following-

• Regulating gaming establishments
• Protecting interests of players
• Consulting both the Government and Parliament on matters associated with gambling
• Regulating license holders and penalties inflicted on them

Kinds Of Licenses

The first requirement for any person who wishes to acquire an online gambling license in the nation is to become an operator offline. This in the nation is known as an “offline requirement”.

There are several kinds of gambling licenses in the nation with the names A to F. Every license is intended for a separate kind of gaming business. In Belgium A is for casinos, B is for gaming arcades etc. The licenses for gambling online under this classification are considered to be supplementary licenses and they are also known as A+, B+ and F+ licenses as well. This implies that whatever games the holder of the gaming license provides online must be the same that he provides offline.

Besides the guarantee fee that costs EUR 250,000 for holders of the A License, annual fees should also be paid by them.

The Procedure For Application Of License

Application forms are available on the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission. Every applicant must give the personal details needed along with their legal, financial and future gambling website along with its structure and name.

The filled in application form should be mailed either via registered letter or completed on the website form issued by the Gaming Commission. This application is processed in six months when the applicant replies a reply through registered post.


As per the provisions of Article 5, all the gamblers online are able to look the copy of the approved license on the website they desire to play on. Players should ensure the website is legal as under the Gambling Act. This Act has laid down that all those people who are engaged in illegal gambling should be prosecuted. Violators of this Act as well as the Royal Decrees will be subject to administrative sanctions and criminal penalties. This is why gamers in the nation should take research and check the website so that they do not fall under any illegal actions leading to penalties in Belgium.