Antigua and Barbuda Online Casino License

first step to acquiring a license is to pay a non-refundable fee of 15,000 USD...

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Gambling became the globally in-thing in the year 1994. It was during this crazy phase that Antigua & Barbuda got the first ever regulatory online gaming license in place. Antigo is one of the first countries to become an online gambling jurisdiction. Owing to which, Antigua and Barbuda stand a great reputation till date. It has stringent and fair laws to ensure authenticity.

Thus, Antigua underwent tremendous improvement economically because a large number of remote gamblers were given license to operate. The regulatory scheme was all-encompassing and helpful. This is why, the gaming industry in Antigua grew far & wide. Thus, the 1990s were a remarkable period in Antigua as far as the gaming industry is concerned.

The licenses are divided into 2 categories by the Antiguan regulation:

1. Gaming license for gambling
2. Wagering license for betting

As per rules in Antigua, you must fill your accounts before you lay your hands on the bet. The money will be credited or debited from your account depending on wins and losses. You can’t go beyond the amount in your account.

Like all other countries, Antigua and Barbuda also have certain necessities to be fulfilled before one is taken into account. Each client has to go through an elongated process to ensure he or she is trustworthy.

One has to follow strict codes such as age limits, display warnings and pointing out to the possible addictions to gambling. It is absolutely compulsory to display the warning and one also has to inform on all the other websites that are helping patrons to come out of compulsive gambling. These small requirements are an absolute necessity and everyone who acquires a license has to follow them without fail.

One can also acquire a license online in these countries. They have a regularly updated website in place for this. The website will also provide you with all the information you need in order to acquire a license. One of the first steps to acquiring a license is to pay a non-refundable fee of 15,000 USD.

Once you are through and approved, you will have to pay 100, 000 USD for a gaming license and 75000 USD for wagering license. If you wish to renew it each year, then you ought to pay a fee of 5000 USD. There is also a system of monitoring in place in order to keep pranksters at bay. In order to avail these services, you ought to pay a 25,000 USD for a single license and 45000 USD for 2 licenses.

After you have acquired the license, it is of absolute importance that you adhere to the rules and the regulations. There is a huge set of rules and regulations for scam, decontamination, finance etc. If a patron is gambling on an Antiguan website then the rules apply to him also and he cannot follow the rules of his area.

Thus, if a customer who does not belong to the area is causing trouble then one can file a complaint with the Antiguan Directorate of Offshore Gaming. And if the problem looks legible then it shall be investigated.