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Holiday and Event casino bonuses are special bonuses online casinos offer players at different set times and events during the year, such as religious holidays, times of big world events, and sometimes random dates.

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During the special time of Christmas a lot of online casinos offer their players extensive bonuses on a set number of deposits. These bonuses sometimes go hand in hand with special "holiday" themed casino games such as the Winter Wonderland slot. Some holiday bonuses can also be proposed during season changes, for example when the summer rolls in. There's always a good reason to offer a bonus.

Event bonuses are another familiar genre of bonuses, these are usually offered without accordance to any specific set date though some can be related to different world events such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, and so forth. Tournaments are also common among Event bonuses, they are usually attached to a specific game such as Blackjack or Video Poker. Usually these tournaments specify a set number of points or wins towards which players should aspire, and these who qualify are awarded with different prizes.

Some online casinos offer Event bonuses with no specific inclination towards any game, or even a requirement to play any game, like bonuses that are granted if players make deposits at a specific time of the day or month. All in all Holiday and Event bonuses are a great way to earn that extra edge and should be sought after by everyone.