High Roller Casino Bonus

High Roller casino bonuses are bonuses for VIP players seeking high limit betting games, big bonuses, VIP Clubs and special customer service.

Almost all the casinos prefer to receive larger deposits and to encourage this trend; they offer what is called the High Roller Bonus. This bonus is mostly offered as a percentage of the total deposit amount to those players who deposit large amounts of money, usually above $1000.

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Here is a list of the 2 most recommended Online Casinos for high rollers in our opinion:

1. Rich Casino - $4000 High Roller Welcome Bonus.

2. 888 Casino - $1500 Free Welcome Bonus.

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High Roller

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Not all casinos know how to handle a high roller needs, here we have selected the top ones for you. High Rollers - The Professional Gamblers Who Can Bankrupt A Casino In 1 Day.

Below you will find high roller casinos offering very... very large bonuses.

High rollers are people who like to gamble a lot of money. Casinos love them for their appetite for gambling and risk taking. They are also known as "whalers".

When a high roller wins the game against many players, he looks like a big whale who eats the other small fishes who sit at the table. That's because he collects all of the money bet at the gambling table.

Here's what you need to know about high rollers who are also known as whalers:

#1: Most high rollers aren't rich. This is a surprising fact. Most people who bet huge sums of money come from the lower-middle class. They want to get rich but they aren't rich yet. You can find rich high rollers but they are very few. These rich people respect too much their fortune to risk losing it all in a few short days.

The poor gamblers are often "bribed" by the casino right in the beginning. The casino gives them bonus money to play with. To receive the money, the players also have to deposit a certain sum. The sum they have to deposit is known as a wagering requirement.

#2: They receive a lot of "comps" from casinos. Comps are expensive gifts or bonuses that are offered by casinos to their high rollers. Casinos make sure the high rollers are well-fed and nurtured so they come back more often to play at their casino. Some of the most commonly used comps are private jet transfers, limousines and free accommodation at the best hotels. Some casinos also let their high roller customers smoke even when every other customer is banned from smoking. There are also VIP clubs only for high rollers. Casinos also organize private games only for their group of high rollers. At these games, the large public can't even assist.

#3: High rollers love the baccarat game. Baccarat game is an exclusive game and rarely played for money. High rollers love the game because of its exclusivity and high limits. A casino may win or lose millions in one single night when a few high rollers play the baccarat game.

#4: Wagering requirements for high rollers are 6 figures or even more. Only the richest casinos afford to host such high betting games. Poorer casinos risk to become bankrupt in a few days if they encounter a lucky high roller. There have been situations when a high roller won $10 or even $20 million in one single night. Some casinos protest the achievement but most of them have to pay the sum. To be a high roller you need at least $100.000 in cash to potentially burn at one single table. $10.000 hands are quite common.

#5: High limit casinos are very few. There are very few high limit casinos in the world. The most well-known casinos who allow high rollers to bet 6 figures per table can be found in Australia, Las Vegas and Macau. Macau offer some of the highest betting limits in the world at around $500.000 . If you want to become a high roller you need a lot of cash to burn.

You will definitely enjoy the game and you will have a lot of stories to tell your grandchildren regardless of the result. It's recommended to start playing at this level only after you have become very skilled in the game.